Summer Time  

It is very important that the students continue to stretch their minds over the summer.   Make sure they have plenty of opportunities to read,   engage in solving problems and develop their math skills.  Let them learn about something that interests them.   Look up information on fishing,   calculate the stats on their favorite sports hero, etc.   The more they read the better.  They should have sustained reading for at least 30 minutes 2 times a week.  The more the better.  It doesn't matter what they read as long as it is sustained reading.   They should read at least one novel over the summer.   They should also enjoy the summer and relax and recharge for the new year!



Comments about grades  

As the students look at their 4 weeks progress,  note that if an assignment has a 1,  it means that it has been graded but the student has not turned in their assignment.   They are to bring their completed assignment in to be graded.  I will then replace that grade with the updated grade.   It is very important that the students complete all graded assignments.   These contain key demonstratation of mastery of the standards that are being taught.   


If a student believes that the grade does not show their true knowledge of the content, then they need to meet with me to discuss options to demonstrate mastery.  

I expect all graded assignments turned in with NO exceptions.