Leah Rogers Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
5th Grade


Leah Rogers has taught at Priceville, Lacey Springs, Flint and Sparkman Schools in the Morgan County School System for some thirty years. Most of that time has been spent teaching second grade, but also taught Kindergarten, first, third and fifth grades.

I started out teaching first grade, which I really enjoyed then, and now as I approach retirement time, I find myself back where I started out all those years ago, but still find that I enjoy it as much now as then. Just this year I was finally promoted to fifth grade and am eagerly learning fractions, multiplication facts, and how to write in cursive all over again!

I especially love teaching the math strategies and seeing all the different ways we can creatively learn to solve problems. I tell the students that math is like a puzzle- you have to break it apart and then try to put it all back together again, trying different pieces, different strategies, getting all kinds of different answers until you find just the perfect one- kind of like LIFE.