Class Schedule  



Sparkman School Bus/Car Rider Information revised 8/16

Junior High  7:55 am Late @ 8:00am  

 Elementary  7:55 am Late @ 8:00am

Dismiss at 3:00pm

A. TARDY POLICY When your Jr. High student  or Elementary Student  is late our Homeland Security Safety Plan states that you must come into the office and sign your student in. Do not send them to the classroom or take them. They will take a late pass to their teacher to show they were signed in. 

No parent is allowed in the halls without first going to the office for a pass and permission.     Do Not Walk your student  to class without permission.



All parents/guardians must fill out an emergency card/form with a list of people who are allowed to check out their student. All adults checking out students must be on the check out list and present photo identification even when parent is known to office staff.(100%) 


All visitors MUST go to the main office first when entering the building and present photo identification when signing in.  Visitors and Parents are given a name badge and permission to visit in classroom or eat lunch.


Car Rider Drop off starts at 7:30am. DO not Drop off students early. Parents will enter car lane on Norman Drive in a single line and drive slowly  around the gym to the stop sign.  Cars pull up in a single line and wait for the 3 buses to pull in the U lane in front of main entrance.  Staff will be on duty each morning. Please watch staff for directions. Students are allowed to go to breakfast or to gym to wait for school to start. If later than 7:40 please drop your student off on Norman drive under the awning. Our Mini Buses will be unloading in Drop off circle. A staff member will be on duty to supervise your student.

Parents must sign students in at the office after 8:00am.


* NEW Dismising at 3:00pm.

*Please pull around the gym and wait at the stop sign until given permission to pull into the U in front of main Building. Please display your car rider card on the Passenger side dash where staff can see them. Please notify staff if a replacement is needed or an extra student tag. Please be courteous to other drivers.

After 3:15pm the Special Needs buses are pulling up and loading. Please do not be late picking up your student.


All Bus Riders exit buses at 7:30am and go to the gym or lunch room for Breakfast.  Students are not allowed to go to Lockers or Bathrooms without Staff permission. Resource classes are met at bus area by teachers/staff  and taken to class.   

In the afternoon our regular buses will pull up and load at 3:00pm and exit at 3:05pm.  Then Car Riders will load and the mini buses load at 3:15 and leave campus when all buses from Brewer have arrived and students are loaded.

*NEVER Pass a Bus whether parked or moving when stop sign is out.

*Any student who walks home must be approved by principal and leaves at 3:10 after buses.  Parents Please send a note at the first of the year with permission to walk home