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In School Suspension/Time Out

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In School Suspension and Time Out

I was hired at Sparkman in 1995 and worked in an EC Resources classroom until transferring to InSchool Suspension when it was created in 1999. I manage our school website and work on the Safety Plan Team.  I am also the Yearbook sponsor.

I am married to husband Mark and have 2 married sons, Brandon (Jaime) with grands Noah and Sadie; Seth (Sabrina) with grands Bryson and twin granddaughters Alley and Andee.  God is Good.

I worship at Somerville Baptist Church where I teach 3rd-4th grade girls Sunday School, play the organ, and love singing in the choir. 

I love the students at Sparkman and enjoy watching them learn to make great choices (Being Proactive) and grow into wonderful students.   

"Children don't care what you know, until they know you care."

We know and understand that statement is true. I love teaching our students.